What is BB Glow?

What if we told you that there is a way to get naturally glowing and smooth complexion without actually having to put on makeup?

BB Glow Treatment offers more  visible benefits than most other facial treatments. It provides immediate coverage and long-lasting beauty without overstimulating the skin. The results are visible wrinkle improvement, even skin tone, and glow all at the same time.

BB Glow Treatments can assist in reduction of freckles and lightening of your skin. It also helps with skin discoloration caused by acne and photo-aging (age spots).

 Semi-permanent BB cream is exactly what it sounds like – a layer of BB cream with  active ingredients is injected into your skin to give you a natural looking base that lasts for a long time. 

How long does it last?

Depending on the skin condition and amount of care taken, for first-timers it can last from three days to one week. Additional treatments  will lead to an increased longevity and enhanced coverage.

 We recommend all first-timers to come back for a second session in order to provide better coverage and longer protection for your skin.

How long is each session?

 Each session lasts about 1.5 hours.

What do we use?

Dermawhite BB Glow is a serum designed for safe and intensive skin lightening, wrinkle improvement, and anti-aging. There are three shades of BB cream ampules available – light, medium, and dark.

The closest shade of bb cream is selected and penetrated under the skin using a microneedling device with 0.25mm to 1mm needles. BB cream ampules  will blend and adjust to your skin tone rejuvenating and repairing your skin from the inside out.

BB GLOW Benefits

Plumps the skin
Gets rid of wrinkles

Neutralizes free radicals

Reduces melanin content in the skin

Reduces skin discoloration

Provides instant hydration to the skin

Gradual lightening effect on skin

Reduces appearance of pores

Restores even skin tone and radiant complexion

BB Treatment Cost

$250 - 1 treatment
$450 - 2 treatment package
$600 - 3 treatment package