Let’s face it: While you were busy decking the halls with social events this December, you fa la la la la-ed your way to lacklustre skin.

But don’t fret! If your skin is appearing more dull and dehydrated than radiant and ready for a New Year’s close up, Glow Girl has 5 tried-and-true tips to help you achieve primed, prepped and party-ready skin!


You may already know the importance of drinking a sufficient amount of water every day but what you may not know is how dreadfully dehydrating alcohol, caffeine, sugar and salt are for the skin. If you partook in a little or a lotta Christmas cheer your skin is most likely “hungover”. Cut out (or significantly cut back) on cocktails, sweets and overly salty foods and increase your water intake until the party.


Makeup always looks best on hydrated, exfoliated skin. Toss out the St. Ives scrub and opt for a gentle enzyme peel to achieve your #nofilter complexion. Look for an exfoliant that contains: glycolic acid, salicylic acid, l-ascorbic acid, ferulic acid, citric acid and/or lactic acid.

Or book in for my personal fave - dermaplaning (gently scrapes off dead skin cells and vellus hair) followed by a gentle enzyme peel!


Now that you’ve sloughed away all of your holiday skin sins it’s time to nourish your skin with hydrating masks, serums and moisturizers. Opt for products that contain hyaluronic acid - a superstar hydrator that basically works as a magnet for moisture to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.


While you’re applying your serum or moisturizer treat yourself to a face massage to reduce any holiday puffiness and sagging. To take your facial sculpting to the next level and visibly lift and contour your face use tools like microcurrent, jade rollers, Gua Sha or facial cups.


If you’d rather pass on the DIY-selfing and let a professional bring your skin back to life then book in for a signature facial (but pass on the extractions). Be sure to choose a facial that includes exfoliation, extra nourishment and a facial massage.

Shameless plug: I’ve opened up my Saturday for 3 facial bookings and I’ve designed a signature facial in time for New Year’s called Ready, Set, Glow!

Whether your skin could use a pick-me-up or a calm-me-down, give me 75 minutes and I’ll give you a healthy, party-ready glow!

DM or call/text 778.212.2717 for inquiries or to book a Ready, Set, Glow Facial!